Monday, December 17, 2012

Tech-Know: The big opener... A BIG giveaway!!! NOOK COLOR!

Tech-Know: The big opener... A BIG giveaway!!! NOOK COLOR!: Nook Color.... BAM! Yes it's true. We are lucky enough to have a brand new, in the box Nook Color to giveaway! This is our prem...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shangri-la Teas Espresso Tea Pods review

Oh my goodness- and when I say oh my goodness, I mean Oh. My. Goodness. When I got these teas in the mail I was of mixed opinion- I'm an odd type, I love tea... but I hate coffee. I wondered what these would taste like, what they'd be closer to in flavor, and if I'd like them. If you can't tell by the first line or two... I love them. These Tea Espresso Pods from Shangri-La Teas truly allow you to have a cafe quality drink in the comfort of your own home, and it's so easy! They even include some recipe suggestions on the box, though of course you can always mix it up...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Madelaine Chocolates Giveaway!

One lucky entrant will get the chance to win all of the stuff I tried from Madelaine chocolates!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Andalou Naturals Review

Andalou Naturals is a somewhat lesser known gem of a company, they focus on making natural body-care products that are, at a minimum, 70% certified organic. They have a wide range of products, from anti-aging creams and lotions to shower gels and daily moisturizers, and they always use fair-trade ingredients. When I heard about Andalou Naturals, I was really excited to review for them, and I'm so glad they gave me the chance to!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Madelaine Chocolates- Duets, Hazelnut Truffles, and more!

Okay, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a total chocolate fiend. No matter how bad I'm feeling, chocolate always, always makes me feel better! So when I got a big, amazingly packed box of fresh chocolates from The Madelaine Chocolate Company, I was almost giddy!...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yogi Teas- Stress Relief Kava Kava Tea

Mmmm~! This tea was one of my first ever favorites- and it still is! As I've mentioned in other reviews, I began getting into herbal medicines- and thus herbal teas- a few years ago. At the time I was really, really stressed out... well to tell the truth, I probably always am, even today. My family is a little too much like a soap opera some days! So I saw this on the shelf at the store and I was very, very intrigued. I took it home, made myself a nice big glass of it, sat down and enjoyed...

Florida Crystals Natural Raw Cane Sugar

I guess this seems like an odd review to start off with, but raw sugar is one of my favorite things in the world! If you drink tea, coffee, or bake at all, once you try raw sugar you will NEVER go back! Sure, its a little pricier- but with companies like Florida Crystals, who're certified Carbon Free and all organic, it's worth it just for that alone. And the taste... wow. Raw sugar's taste is much less artificially sweet than regular sugar- it has a little bit of a caramelly/molasses-y taste, almost like really really super light brown sugar. The flavor is soft, and not overpowering. The large crystals also dissolve extremely well in hot drinks, and they accent natural or herbal teas especially well.  Let me tell you a little bit about how I got started on raw sugar...